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I have painted and studied art throughout the world, living in 15 different countries in the last fourteen years. It has been inspiring to see the differences in what people are creating in various parts of the world at the same time. What has been the most amazing, however, is seeing the strain of similarity running through it -- the whole experience has been like looking into the face of the Zeitgeist. (“The spirit of the times”)

Maybe I view the Zeitgeist as a woman, because this is what I most often paint. I paint portraits, and have found that the image of the woman is really a symbol for some greater idea that I am trying to express. Balance, underlying symmetry, and the effect of color and texture are of equal importance in the image. These are portraits, but I hope they effectively evoke a mood that can encompass many different interpretations, in the way of abstract art. Always, no matter what I am painting, the process of creation is ever-present in my mind.

The process of painting is, for me, the most meaningful part of the sum of the finished painting. I am always amazed by the way that we can take a piece of canvas, and at the end of some focus and diligence, create a person looking back at us, expressing something we instilled in them. Leaving some exposed canvas, parts of the palate (I like to paint directly from the canvas), and various layers of the process, because this lets the creation of it shine through. I began doing this, because I found that as I covered all evidence of the creation, something of the image actually died, and went flat. Whatever the reason, the painting seems more wholly beautiful when its pieces and parts are revealed.

All this talk of beauty can begin to sound somewhat superficial, but I mean it in the most important way. We have always created and value beauty, and I love the fact that, no matter what, we just keep doing it. That is what makes us all beautiful. Undeniably true.