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Denise Bledsoe
“Ecstatic” a Solo Show

Opening Reception
Friday August 2, 2019 time: 6-10pm

Exhibition August 2nd - September 30th

I think what prompted the theme of "Ecstatic" was that we could all use something light-hearted, innocent and frivolous these days.  One of my favorite things to hear from onlookers regarding my work is "they make me smile".  Hopefully the pieces in Ecstatic will do just that!

I've always found it satisfying being able to hold something I've made in my hand.  That is why sculpting is my medium of choice though I've experimented with most every other form too.  My art career has allowed me to meet many great people, collectors, other artists and gallery owners as well as have the opportunity to travel to shows and see much of this country.  My art is available in galleries both across the US and internationally and is in the private collections of several notable celebrities.