Curly Tale Fine Art
"Bath Time Blues""Put That Down""Who Left This?""Autumn""Let the Leaves Fly""Songbird""Balance""How Dreams Arrive""Who Will Paint the Moon in the Sky""Dropping Stars"
Paula Wallace
Paula Wallace is a working artist, maintaining a studio at the Hot Shops Art Center in Omaha, Nebraska. In addition to fine art, Paula has worked as an illustrator and muralist, a curator and an arts facilitator. She has been involved in liturgical and public art, interior design and privately commissioned work. Paula also collaborates regularly with other artists, writers and musicians.

Much of her work as an artist began years ago and likely, truth be told, at the very beginning -- woven into her DNA and nurtured with crayons and love. She studied formally at Iowa State University and the University of Iowa, in addition to a smattering of coursework in Ireland, Chicago, and elsewhere.

Much of her work has found its genesis in literature, theater, music, or the spiritual. While most of her work is figurative with an emphasis on the human face, her range of styles may be from representational to whimsical. Often she employs an uncluttered or almost austere background, permitting the viewer to be wholly engaged with the subject of the painting or print, concentrating on the intimacy of that encounter, the imperative of a glance or gesture.

Art is the language of her work: to delight in beauty and to share the human experience are aspects of that language.

Her work is held in many private and public collections, both here and abroad.