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Bekki Canine"Games"
Bekki Canine"Games"

Bekki Canine

Bekki Canine
Oil and collaged paper on wood panel framed
Image Size: 28.5" x 10"
Framed Size: 31" x 11.5"
Price: $375

“In-between” a solo show

Friday October 2, 2020
Virtual Zoom Party 7pm EST Meet the artist in the studio

Virtual Preview: Monday September 28th time: 11am (central time)

These paintings began with a knitting magazine from 1960. I found the models’ poses interesting and decided to separate the clothing and thus the pose from the person and setting. I cut out the clothes and used them as the starting point for each painting, creating a new story for the old image.
I titled this show “In-between” because of the subjects. They are not exactly animals, but not entirely human either. The stories are about people, but animals play the characters. They help to tell the stories of the games we play with the world, how we try to feel safe, and how we impact the environment around us.