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Bob Doucette
Bob Doucette

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“Three Amigos”
Acrylic on Canvas
Image Size: 14”x 11”
Price: $800


What does it mean to “reach for the stars?” It’s not like reaching for the soap, reaching for the bottle or reaching for a crutch. Those actions are all things we can do with our physical bodies, reaching for the stars requires our souls. I’m sure when the phrase was coined there was very little chance of someone actually reaching a star physically. It was meant as a euphemism for reaching beyond our human experience. “The stars are the limit,” another phrase we use to explain the unexplainable and one of my favorites “I love you to the stars and back!” When there are no words to describe how something ‘feels’ we come up with euphemisms, poetry and of course: Art.
It has been said by many wise scholars that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. The essential physical experience as a human is making connections with others. It is our highest calling. To make connections through art we need to rise beyond the physical plane to let our spirits soar so that we can touch others and at the same time reach for the stars.