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Cindy Scaife
“Mr. Rogers”Cindy Scaife
“Jim Henson”Cindy Scaife
“Captain Kangaroo”Cindy Scaife
“Bathing Cap Girl”
Cindy Scaife

Born and raised in Toronto, Cindy Scaife is a full-time artist. She is an alumna of the Ontario College of Art. For over 25 years Cindy has worked as a full-time professional artist, muralist and art educator.

Cindy creates her solo artwork within the Pop Surrealist style. She is greatly influenced by the art, design and advertising illustrations of the atomic age. Drawing heavily from the color palette and optimism of this era, Cindy’s work reflects its own nostalgia and innocence. She often creates anthropomorphic figures within her pieces, which reflect her personal appreciation for classic children’s picture books, retro toys and product mascots of the 50’s and 60’s.

Cindy has exhibited her work in both Canada and the US. Her paintings express her affection for history and the concept of an individual's sense of belonging. At the same time, through nostalgia and appealing to the viewerʼs sense of place, her work aspires to connect with the viewer on a personal level.