Curly Tale Fine Art
Rachel Favelle
“Secret Spy Business”Rachel Favelle
“Two of a Kind”Rachel Favelle
“Super Self and Cindy”Rachel Favelle
“Woodland Fox”Rachel Favelle
“Velveteen Rabbit”Rachel Favelle
“Beautiful Strangeness”Rachel Favelle
“Lizard Boy”Rachel Favelle
“Super Pug”SOLD
Rachel Favelle
“The Ghost of Alice’s Past”Rachel Favelle
“Who Cries Wolf?”SOLD
Rachel Favelle
“Creatures of Camouflage”
Rachel Favelle

I am a bit of a night owl, frequently painting into the wee hours of the evening in my studio. Surrounded by the sounds and activity of naïve play, my children’s toys are often found in my creative space, including my son’s teddy who permanently stands guard at the entrance of my studio.Trained as an illustrator, my desire for storytelling frequently invades my painting process. Each character is influenced to some degree by my love of children’s books, which can be seen stacked in irregular piles on the floor. My studio is also usually cluttered with several works in progress; paintings, collages and sketches, as I like to always have several projects on the go at once. Painting for me is a daily ritual where I love to unwind and create my stories.