Curly Tale Fine Art
John Borrero 
“Annie, The Adventurer”John Borrero 
“Center Stage”John Borrero 
“A Secret Place”John Borrero 
“Ferris Wheel”John Borrero 
“Sideshow”John Borrero 
“Amusement Park”John Borrero 
“The Circus In The Forest”John Borrero 
“Emmett the Funny Man”John Borrero
“Runaway Train”SOLD
John Borrero
John Borrero
"The Dreamer"John Borrero
"The Forest"SOLD
John Borrero
John Borrero
"The Red Boat"John Borrero
"Of Hope"
John Borrero
This is my journey as a storyteller. It starts with collecting things… rusted metal, driftwood, architectural details, antique photographs, vintage silk, doll parts, papers... items that no longer have their own story. In my studio, I join together things that are sometimes ugly and flawed... and try to give them purpose and beauty. Then from each piece emerges a story about depth and humor, darkness and light, about being human and sometimes something more. Come by and see the collection.