Curly Tale Fine Art
Eipo Lani
“Pearl”Denise Bledsoe
“Best In Show”June Valentine-RuppeJune Valentine-RuppeCarolina Seth
“Blobette”Rachel Favelle
“Creatures of Camouflage”Rachel Favelle
“The Ghost of Alice’s Past”Rachel Favelle
“Who Cries Wolf?”SOLD
Sarah Higdon
“Mr Phister”SOLD
Laura Colors
“Truffles”Vlasta Smola
“Enchanted Morning”Vlasta Smola
“Red Oracle”Laura Wacha
“Skaredy Cat”Sarah Higdon
“Best Friends”Sarah Higdon
“Gary”Sarah Higdon
“Finger Puppets”
"Wonderfully Weird Wonders"
Opening Night:
Friday May 4, 2018
Time: 6- 10pm

Show runs until June 20th

As many of you already know I lost my beloved pug Tina on December 28th of last year. Since then I have had many horribly sad days working in the gallery that always had a little pug running around passing out love to whom ever came to the door. This will be the first show opening that Tina will not be here since the gallery opened twelve years ago. Tina loved parties...I’m dedicating this show to my baby girl so this one is going to be an extra special night. I would love for you to celebrate Tina with me and participate in this years “Wonderfully Weird Wonders” Show

The “Wonderfully Weird Wonders” show started out six years ago as the spring group show to celebrate the end of our Chicago winters and kick off the show season. My fabulous array of lowbrow artists that have joined the gallery and might be new to collectors that have followed Curly Tale Fine Art over the last twelve years. Clients anxiously await this show every year and it’s a wonderful opportunity to show off your weird! The theme is open to each artist using the “Wonderfully Weird Wonders” show title as inspiration! Be weird and make them wonder…

Artists Featured in the Show...
Adam Augustyn
Denise Bledsoe
John Borrero
Bekki Canine
Laura Colors
Creeptoons- Matt Duncan
Dan Crowley
Deborah Donelson
Rachel Favelle
Gus Fink
Thursday Gervais
Denise Greenwood Loveless
Rebecca Haines
Sarah Higdon
Taehoon Kim
John A. Kurtz
Eipo Lani
Michele Lynch
James Mariano
Rebecca Moy
Jennifer Mujezinovic
Jen Musatto
Daniel Mythcity
Sophia Rapata
Calan Ree
Carolina Seth
Vlasta Smola
June Valentine-Ruppe
Laura Wacha
Paula Wallace
Mr. Walters
and many more...