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Growing up in Woodstock, IL in the early 1970’s I started painting as a young child attending Saturday art classes and sports. I would continue my art studies in Chicago at the School of the Art Institute and the College of Dupage. During the early 70’s, an art movement known now as Pop-surreal or Lowbrow Art was just being born on the California West Coast. Artists like Margaret Keanes and Mark Ryden would take hold and influence me and my paintings you see in my new collection “Through a Glass Darkly”

“To see “through a glass”- a mirror – “darkly’ is to have an obscure or imperfect vision of reality. The expression comes from the writings of the Apostle Paul; he explains that we do not now see clearly, but at the end of time, we will do so.”

Art is a form of story telling for me with a paradox of personal experiences and exaggerating our contemporary society. At first glance my paintings seem playful, whimsical in nature, a game that can become serious or even deadly depending on the viewer. Studies in digital art, and painting with my focus on landscape in early years, which is still evident in my work today. This would lead me transitioning quickly to incorporate animals, figures, self-portraits of the viewer or artist. Always the questions are you the voyeur looking in from the outside or are you looking in a mirror back at yourself?
Rich in color and theme you will sometimes have a feeling of the “old master” style of painting in my work layers and layers with oil paint and using technique of glazing as you would with egg tempera. Every detail of my work is thought out down to the smallest detail, including my hand selected framing from my vintage frame collection. My paintings select from my collection of vintage frames, but sometimes it’s the frame who has the final say.

While painting has been my lover for the past twenty years, my other passion has been cycling. The two will cross paths this year for the first time with a painting in this show called “Road to Russia” which talks about my up coming race “Red Bull Trans Siberian Extreme’ follow my journey across Russia in 2017.
Just in life, art, cycling, and my love of animals they all have a thread and will eventually find themselves in my artwork. Come with me in my journey and see were the road takes us.

Thursday Gervais
"Road to Russia"
Oil on Board
24"x 20" Image Size
Thursday Gervais
"Oscar Mayer"
Oil on Board
32"x 18.5" Image Size
Thursday Gervais
"Say Hello to My Little Friend"
Oil on Board
20"x 16' Image size
Thursday Gervais
"Artisan Butcher"
Oil on Board
35"x 38" Image size