Curly Tale Fine Art
"Dragon Jig""Red Landscape""Walker Red"''Bridgeport Blooms""Vivaldi""Bamboo Shoots""Wise Men Say""Aerate, Then Decant"SOLD
"Bing""Clouded Judgment""Fjords""Cherry Clan""Seek"
Rebecca Moy
If Rebecca Moy were a writer, she would not be a novelist, a dramatist or an essayist. Rather, she would be a poet. Just as the finest poets can carefully piece together simple and seemingly random words and phrases to express very complex personal feelings, so too Rebecca can take a simple brush stroke or a tiny swath of color and immediately transport us to places that we only thought existed in our minds or our dreams. As one of the rising stars of the Chicago art scene, Rebecca is a woman whose passion for self-expression is evident in every piece she produces. Whether it is a larger-than-life symphony of color, form and texture or a small study in black and white, when Rebecca Moy is at work she is not so much painting as she is composing. A native of La Grange, Illinois, she holds a bachelor’s degree from the visual arts department of Chicago’s highly regarded Columbia College. In 2007, following a juried competition, she was one of a handful of artists to gain acceptance to the prestigious River East Art Center, where she was one of that gallery’s youngest artists in residence. Rebecca’s dreamscape work is on display at Curly Tale Fine Art, as well as a growing number of private collections and public locations throughout the country and throughout the world.