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I was born in 1950 in Ponca City, Oklahoma and grew up in Wichita,
Kansas - not a particularly auspicious environment for nurturing
artistic tendencies. But, from my earliest days I loved to draw and
make things. I was always "best" in my art classes and had high
creative standards even then.

But, it took me until the age of 33 to actually pursue art in a
deliberate way. At that time, after earning a degree in French and
Spanish and having lived and traveled abroad during most of my
twenties, I decided to take the leap and pursue my deepest desire.

Since I was living in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the time, I moved to
Albuquerque and began working at art full time. After receiving a BA
from the University of New Mexico, I moved to Baltimore, MD to do
Graduate work at the Maryland Institute, College of Art. There, under
the commanding presence of Grace Hartigan, I learned how to work
Independently and became committed to the career of being an artist.
soon after graduating with an MFA in 1989, I joined the Gomez Gallery
where I showed successfully for over twelve years. In 2003, I decided
it was time to move back to my beloved New Mexico, and that year was
dedicated towards achieving that goal.

Since then, I have been happily living and working in Albuquerque.

Although I am primarily a painter, lately I have been interested in
working with printmaking, clay and other smaller-scale media. All of
these things tend to influence and play into each other, creating an
overlap of ideas and materials that I find invigorating.

Artist's statement

I have long felt that animals represent the best part of us.
In this latest series of prints, my continuing interest in themes of
transformation and healing reflects this view.

Each of the figures is involved in her own phase of metamorphosis, a kind metaphorical expansion towards growth, understanding and acceptance. By assimilating various animal characteristics, the figures become more than human - representing a greater wholeness and a more balanced relationship with nature.

Deborah Donelson

“Rose & Curl”
Mix Media on Paper
6.5”x 6.5”
“Nice is Not Enough”
Mix Media on Paper
6.5”x 6.5”
Mix Media on Paper
6.5”x 6.5”
Mix Media on Paper
6.5”x 6.5”
Deborah Donelson
Etching , Watercolor
6.5"x 6" - Paper 15"x 11'