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Jennifer Mujezinovic
Jennifer Mujezinovic

“Young Lady With Gloves”
Oil on Canvas
Image Size: 48”x 36”
Price: $3700

Tamara De Lempicka
1898- 1980

Perhaps Tamara De Lempicka’s most famous Painting, “Girl in Green with Gloves”, has been an icon to her artistic style and work throughout her career. Painted in 1929, the “Girl in Green with Gloves” displays a beautiful young women wearing a flimsy green dress, white gloves, and a large white hat. The sharp edge form combined with the bold use of color render the whole strongly dimensional and modern. It appears that the sleek feminine figure with curvaceous lines is holding on to her hat in order to avoid losing it in the breeze, DeLempicka undoubtedly masters the effect of a wind blowing through the painting. A slight sense or eroticism is established by having the dress cling to her body, revealing her breaths and navel through the fabric.

Art Deco in the 30’s
Art Deco followed the more expensive Art Nouveau, but greater sophistication. It’s smooth straight lines held a confidence that the art nouveau era generally lacked, and was far more accessible for mass production.

The Artist
Born in Poland in 1898 Tamera De Lempicka became one of the most dominant figures of the Art Deco years, which peaked from 1925 to 1935, was Tamara De Lempicka, Her detailed portraits of many famous and successful celebrities brought her much fame and fortune before she left Paris and traveled to Hollywood California. This move furthered her acclaimed by making her the popular portrait artist to the stars. She also lived in New York, and Houston before settling permanently in Mexico, where she died in 1980.