Curly Tale Fine Art
Tara Luther
Oil on Canvas
36”x 48”
Owls are associated with wisdom, insight, depth, & seeing through the darkness. Owl totems carry weighty lessons that challenge the soul. Binah comes from the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.  Binah, like the owl, is a wise teacher, the most developed feminine principle residing in the pillar of severity within the Tree of Life. One of her lessons involves the idea that pain (physical, emotional, existential) is universal. Pain & suffering do not make us special, but what we do with pain is the mark of our uniqueness. It's a tough lesson. Binah weaves the shadows and light together into the fabric of creation. I believe all artists (visual arts, writing, poetry, dance) imbue the material world with the a spark of Divine light by transforming our emotions into art. One of the primary joys of life is the ability to find meaning by becoming larger than our suffering, absorbing it into the fabric of the universe.
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