Curly Tale Fine Art
Tara Luther
“Farias, The Northern Kingdom”
Oil on Canvas
36”x 48”
Falias, the Northern kingdom, represents the element of earth. Typically, I develop an image on the canvas or panel, instead of it appearing fully in mind, but falias is one of those special pieces that came to me all at once. I was listening to a singing bowl recording in my morning meditation. I pictured myself running through a field of stars, each step sparking a ripple of light echoing out upon the earthbound stars. In my imagination, I looked up, and saw a castle with falling stars flickering on there way down. It gave me a sense of peace, and a feeling of home.
My own name, Tara,  means both “star” and “earth” in Sanskrit and Latin respectively. Tara also means “the place where kings meet”, or “tower” in Gaelic. In many ways, this painting is a reflection on my own name, and all of the mystery and connectivity hidden in language.
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