Curly Tale Fine Art
Sophia Rapata
"August Morose"Sophia Rapata
"Petit Morose"Sophia Rapata
Collaboration with Michael Gonzalez
"The Jester's Pet"SOLD-
Sophia Rapata
Collaboration with Obie Cruz
"Susie Strangler"Sophia Rapata
"Galaxy Mermaid"Denise Greenwood Loveless
"Beast of Burden"SOLD
Denise Greenwood Loveless
"Gaze" MuseDenise Greenwood Loveless
'Heartist" (Heart of an Artist")Ann Stockdale
"Salty and Grace"Ann Stockdale
"Vision Muse"Ann Stockdale
"Me and My Valentine"Ann Stockdale
"Party of One"John Borrero
"The Dreamer"John Borrero
"The Forest"John Borrero
"Storm"John Borrero
"Of Hope"John Borrero
"The Red Boat"John Borrero
"Carnival"Calan Ree
"Ginger Baby"Calan Ree
"Garden Party"Laura Colors
"Marasmus Song"Laura Colors
"Lucky Seven"Denise Bledsoe
"Dumpty"Denise Bledsoe
"Owlivia"Denise Bledsoe
"Gail the Snail"Bekki Canine
"Pisces"Bekki Canine
"Birders"Bekki Canine
"Sagittarius"Creeptoons -Matt Duncan
"Blue Boy"Calan Ree
"Sigh The Clown"Calan Ree
"Martian to Her Own Beat"Calan Ree
"Cactus Friends"Corine Perier
"La Vie en Rose"Corine Perier
"Golden Rabbit"Marie Larkin
"Our Lady of the Suckling Tree"Marie Larkin
"Cry Me A River"
"Wonderfully Weird Wonders"
The “Wonderfully Weird Wonders” show started five years ago as the spring show to celebrate the end of our Chicago winters and kick off the show season. My fabulous array of lowbrow artists that have joined the gallery and are new to the collectors that have followed Curly Tale Fine Art over the last ten years anxiously await this show every year! Be weird and make them wonder…

Featured Artists:
Denise Bledsoe
John Borrero
Bekki Canine
Laura Colors
Creeptoons - Matt Duncan
Deborah Donelson
Thursday Gervais
Chris Guarino
Denise Greenwood Loveless
Rebecca Haines
Marie Larkin
Jennifer Mujezinovic
Emma Overman
Corine Perier
Sophia Rapata
Calan Ree
Ann Stockdale
Laura Wacha

“Wonderfully Weird Wonders V" A Group Show
Opening May 5, 2017
Time 6-10pm

Show runs through June 23rd