Curly Tale Fine Art
Doug Boyd
"Panting Dog"Thursday Gervais
"Winston's Finest Hour"Doug Boyd
"Love Letters"Laura Wacha
"DOG"Faryn Davis- Fernworks
"Running"Kay Artwork
"Oliver"Kay Artwork
"Puddles"Laura Wacha
"Meat Me"Laura Wacha
"Bitch"Mark Ulriksen
"Dogs Rule" BookJen Musatto
"Mathildie"Jen Musatto
"Daphne Dandy"Mr. Walters
"One of Many Tricks Acquire in The World of Show Business"Mr. Walters
"It's Not What She Was Up to Up There"Mr. Walters
"I do the original no justice, but my heart was there"Mr. Walters
"You Will Never Slumber As Well As Your Dog Friends"Mr. Walters
"You Wouldn't Beleaive Them If They Told You"Mr. Walters
"A Welcoming Home Away From Home"Laura Wacha
Denise Bledsoe
"Sweety Pie"Laura Wacha
Faryn Davis - Fernworks
Faryn Davis -Fernworks
"Night"Tobin Sprout
"Kipper Takes Himself for a Walk"Tobin Sprout
"Buster Gets The Mail"Deborah Donelson
Emma Overman
"Kiss Kiss"Creeptoons - Matt Duncan
"Wee Hours of the Morning"Sophia Rapata
"My Kitty Mr Pug"Denise Bledsoe
"Precious"Calan Ree
Rebecca Haines
"True North"SOLD
Rebecca Haines
"Sensei"Rebecca Haines
Rebecca Haines
Rebecca Haines
"The Dog Days of Summer"
Sultry Hot Summer Show...Taking inspiration from Sirius, the Dog Star which is at it's brightest in August.
Featuring artist: Denise Bledsoe, Doug Boyd, Faryn Davis, Creeptoons- (Matt Duncan), Deborah Donelson, Thursday Gervais, Rebecca Haines, Jen Musatto, Emma Overman, Sophia Rapata, Calan Ree, Tobin Sprout, Laura Wacha, Mr. Walters and much more....