Curly Tale Fine Art
SOLD "Goodbye Silly Demon""Crescent Moon Light""Moony""Clown Doll""Crazy Old Coffee Cat Lady""Wispy Stick""Masquerade Gal"SOLD "My Little Cat""June, Jane, and Juko's Son""Morning Til Night""Skeletal Mermaid & Her Clown Cat"
Sophia Rapata
Sophia Rapata is a full-time artist and graduate from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Most of her days are spent in her art studio/dungeon,located in Hammond, Indiana.
She paints using watercolor, ink & coffee to create creepy cute clown creatures. Witches, cats, moons, and all things magical are her specialty. Her characters all come from a sacred land buried deep within the soils of her soul. Everyday one of these characters will escape, via a doll she sews, a song she sings, a video she films or a drawing she scribbles.
Her lack of interest in socializing has turned her into an ancient cat lady, so now she just paints and sells all over the globe. On a rare occasion you will find her in costume roaming the local art galleries, festivals and fairs.