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"Garden Party""Trellis""Stargazers""Popped Poppies""Pansies""Orchids""Magnolias on Black""Hydrangeas"
Polly Norman
Minneapolis photographer/painter, Polly Norman is a self-taught professional photographer. She also attended The Atelier School of Fine Art in Minneapolis from 1998-2004 where she studied painting and drawing.

Norman combined these two skills to make her unique hand-painted photographs. She went on to invent her own process of photographing objects in black and white using Pennsylvania glass block, which is normally used in architecture as a unique photographic filter.

“I am fascinated by the warping and aberrations that occur when shooting through various styles of this thick glass block. The resulting imagery is far more interesting to me than the actual objects they derive from.”

Fans of Polly’s work have affectionately titled them Pollygraphs.

Among other accomplishments, she was a finalist for the Bush Artist Fellowship and the McKnight Foundation Photography Fellowship. Her work was included in the Pinyao Photography Festival in China, has been exhibited, published and awarded locally, nationally and internationally.