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"Twilight""Slow Moving""Past The Light""City Reflections"SOLD "Foggy Arrival"
Robert Brasher
Robert Brasher

I've never strayed too far from representational painting. With every attempt at that, and of developing "a style”, I always produced a pale affectation, or a sapling standing next to the great Oak of another painter past. The best you can do is forget yourself, work a ton, and the soul will assert itself quietly, in the odd moments.
Great teachers help to guide one as well, and prevent students from re-inventing the wheel every semester. I've had some great ones, standing on the pinnacle of that group has been Pat Hernes, of Loyola University, who, among other things, pushed me to earn the Gonska Scholarship for exhibiting extraordinary creative potential, and the Smith from the Art Institute of Chicago.
As I find myself in art, it has become appreciated more as well, I've had some good reviews, won some things, and placed my work in many private and corporate collections.

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